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Headquartered in New York, Herrington Technology is a unique technology firm providing advanced and specialized technology solutions, information systems for business project management and solution services to small, mid-market, Fortune 90 and World's Top Companies.

Herrington Technology provides SAP Business Software and Hybrid Cloud Managed Services for advanced and accelerated business processing. Herrington Technology has World's Top SAP Technology expert leadership.

Specialized Technology for Business Services and Solutions Include:

  • Enterprise ERP Program and Project Management (SAP Accelerated Implementations)
  • Executive Strategic & Trusted Advisor Services 
  • Enterprise Technology Architecture and Design
  • SAP Software Reseller
  • SAP HANA Implementation Services
  • SAP IBM Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and FIN Tech Implementation Services and Solutions
  • New and Leading Hybrid Cloud Business Continuity, Data Protection (backup/recovery), Data Storage & Encryption
  • World Class Telecom Services and Solutions (budget focused alternatives)
  • Herrington Technology Brand Label Services and Solutions: PCAAS©
  • Endpoint protection, business continuity, data protection and cybersecurity solutions and services (MSP)
  • Data center (Telecom/connectivity, evaluations, assessments, services, facility/infrastructure and support)
  • Specialized SAP Business Software Packages, Deployments and Technology
  • Winshuttle Data Loading Software and Deployments
  • Emerging Technology Integration (includes mobile, social media and big data)
  • Technology Software and Hardware Solution Right Sizing
  • Quantum Processing Services

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